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Date(s) : mars 4, 2020
Heure début : 8:00 am

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Call for participation: ICPR 2020 Competition on Superimposed text detection and recognition in Arabic news video frames

Background and Motivation

Among the pattern recognition fields, automatic text recognition, known as OCR, has been widely studied for its prominent position in our everyday life. OCR has a long history of research that started from isolated character recognition and evolved to printed/handwriting document recognition. Recently, embedded texts in videos and natural scene images have received increasing attention as they often give crucial information about the media content. Nevertheless, extracting such texts is a non-trivial task due to many challenges like the variability of text patterns. Over the last decade, interest in this area of research has led to a plethora of text detection and recognition methods. So far, these methods have focused only on some languages such as Latin and Chinese. For a language like Arabic, which is used by more than one billion people around the world, the literature is limited to very few studies. The present competition aims to fill the aforementioned gap by encouraging Scene/Video-OCR researchers to develop and test their systems on a standard annotated dataset and using the same evaluation protocols/metrics.

This competition represents a part of the AcTiVComp series that have been organized respectively within the ICPR’16 and ICDAR’17 conferences, using the AcTiV dataset as a benchmark. Regarding the achieved results in the former editions we believe that there is a requirement to organize a new edition in order to improve the detection and recognition results, especially for the channel free evaluation protocols. Additionally, this third edition has a special focus on the evaluation of end-to-end Arabic Video-OCR systems where, to our knowledge, very little work has been realized till now; i.e. most of the existing systems worked solely in text detection or text recognition. 

We strongly invite all researchers working on the field of scene/video-OCR to participate in AcTiVComp20 including those working on non-arabic text. 

More details are available on the competition website:

Important Dates

March 04, 2020: Registration open
March 07, 2020: Training set available
July 01, 2020: Test set available
July 18, 2020: Submission of final results and executables / source codes
July 19, 2020: Submission of a short description of the participating method(s)


NOTE: executable / source code submission is highly recommended but not mandatory for participating to the competition.



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